7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

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Festivals, cousins, silk sarees, shopping, food and fun. All these essentially constitute celebrating Shravana Masam in Telugu families. While the season is about divinity and observing important rituals, we also add in a flavour of togetherness while meeting relatives and planning amazing stuff.

Here are seven exciting things that you can indulge doing during this Shravana Masam, apart from the regular prayers to the mighty goddess, Ammavaru.

Plan a Movie With Relatives

There is no fun like hanging out with cousins, uncles and aunts. Come festival time and weekends, we simply love to plan a happening movie in town and proceed to a dinner after. Shravana Masam in particular makes relatives bond more, thanks to the celebrations like Varalakshmi Puja and Raksha Bandhan. There is no end to the excitement that you wish had lasted longer. The weekends during this season feel shorter, calling in for a mundane Monday sooner than expected.

Binge on Those Yummy Food Delicacies

Prasadam 7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

Shravana Masam means yummy delights made to offer as Prasadam. Tasty spread of sweets and savouries. Pulihora, Payasam, Vadas, Bobbatlu..the list goes on. It’s time to shed inhibitions and go on a full binge, regardless of that painful weight watch. The festivals in this month call in for gorging on some rollicking preparations at home. Weight issues? Heck, we have the rest of the year left to think that about!

Go Shopping

Sarees1 7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

Yes, shopping and window shopping. Ladies, it’s time to grab your purses and go look at what’s new in the malls. From ethnic to everything, the sale put on to attract the customers has to be given its due consideration. Do not hesitate to add a few more to your wardrobe. Fight the guilt later.

Put On An Ethnic Contest

SVSC-1 7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

Though we don’t accept, there is always a sense of contest while dressing up for festivals. Cousins try to outshine each other while draping those exquisite sarees or styling those killer looks. Go on, put on an ethnic contest and live it up. Better yet, drag your elders to participate in it as well.

Men, Seize The Remote!!

SVSC1 7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

This season is a welcome hope for men in particular. With all the women busy with preparing for various rituals and Vrathams, men can now take control of the TV sets without being howled at. Ladies of the house would be too busy to notice the lapses here. Go on, tune into that cricket match. You will have to put up with the ongoing chaos with people creating that Puja hubbub, though.

Laze Around

svsc2 7 Exciting Things To Do This Shravana Masam

If you have the kind of ‘band width’ to do so. Laze around as much as you can with your loved ones. Relax and share stuff. Laugh out loud for silly things. For who knows, these things end up strengthening your bonding with family.

Do Something For The Society

While you are busy spending on yourself and the celebrations at home, it is also an opportunity to give back to the society. Contribute to an orphanage, give away Dakshina to a poor Brahmin. Lot of blessings await outside when you share and care.

These are some of the things we can continue to while celebrating the pious Shravana Masam. The aura of festivity and togetherness is what makes this season so special!!



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