Guest Post – 6 Things I Want To Tell People Who Say CBN Is Stupid and Anti Farmer

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Heyyouuu. I hope you’re well. Also, I hope that you aren’t worried because office is ridding you of the weekend movie, or that your girlfriend has broken up with you, or that you daddy is not taking you out for icecream, or that you are dying for Navratri to end because you want to munch on chicken and eggs? Haha, sit back and chill. Life is too short to have regrets and crib. If you don’t like something, chuck it. Do things you like. See good movies. Read good stuff – poems that strike a chord, articles that make sense – like the ones I write. LOL, jokes apart.

I’ve been trying to suppress the urge to react for a while now, but yesterday, one of my dearest cousins, Ravi sent across an article on Facebook. I do not want to write hate posts, so let’s just forget who wrote it. But let me tell you that the guy who wrote it was extremely one sided, and also that the site he wrote it for is a really huge platform with an enormous reader base, UNLIKE my little, sunny blog here. So, maybe, just maybe – he should have reconsidered his blunt and bent opinions. Quite an alliteration, BLUNT AND BENT, haha.

So, anyway, my point is that today is a day to remember in the history of ANDHRA PRADESH. Of course, it is needless to mention why. Yesterday, my mum told me Vijayawada was jam packed, that the whole of MG Road was illuminated for the PM and the CM, and that she was really really really really delighted.

And that is why I decided to speak up on this auspicious occasion.

So, before I start, I’ve three disclaimers for all the morons out there who will probably find this offending –

  1. I am NOT a CBN supporter or fan, which means that I do NOT attend his rallies or gatherings or carry around his pictures in my pocket or share his posts on social media or fight battles with my friends for him or his party.
  2. I am NOT a blogger who writes for money or attention, because if that were the case, I don’t think my blog would be on WordPress or ad-free, for that matter.
  3. If you do not like the article or this article offends you or you find this article crappy, let me tell you that you should comment and start a debate only if you are open to discussion; lest you’re free to close this tab. You’ve that option, and you’re allowed to use it. 🙂

With this, I present to you five things I’ve been dying to say to all those writers who have been blogging things about CBN off late –

1. Dear CM, you will leave us with no food because all the land is taken up for IT prosperity.

See, I know we are an agrarian state. I don’t deny. Who can? But tell me something. Is Amaravati and the vicinity the only source of our food? And is it not cynical of you to say that we won’t be left with food?

Also, how else do you expect the state to grow? We are fighting for a special category status. We are left with nothing. Andhra Pradesh has to start from scratch. And you think agriculture is going to help us grow our economy multifold in a span of few years?

2. Chandra Babu Naidu is a murderer – he is killing farmers. He does nothing for them.

See, CBN is in power. Farmers are committing suicide. CBN is not in power, farmers are still committing suicide. But all you want to see is that he is in power and farmers are dying and he’s focussing on IT, so he’s ignoring farmers, so let us talk about why the CM sucks.

According to a report released by the Government of India in 2014, about 5,650 farmers committed suicide over all the country, but only 48 such cases were reported from Andhra Pradesh. The release stated the following reasons for the suicides after a 4 month well researched survey – higher interest rates charged by private money lenders, failure of crops due to unpredictable weather changes and family issues. The AP CM instructed the agriculture officials to release input subsidies to farmers immediately as well as take measures to provide them loans from banks, the release said. He also asked them to encourage farmers to subscribe to social security insurance schemes announced by the centre recently.

So, are you saying that the CM should go out there and solve family issues, or that he should tell the farmers not to reach out to private lenders, or that he should control the weather from the skies? Why don’t you use a CNG in your car and protect the environment for the farmers to have stable cultivable conditions? Why don’t you NOT emit aerosols with your interminable AC consumption? Why?

3. The 33,000 acre land seizure for Amaravati is a loss for farmers.

A lot of people are talking about their ‘rights’ these days, thanks to Hollywood cinema. 🙂 So, let me speak their language. Alright, so we live in a democracy (technically, a kakistocracy – but that’s just my opinion, so we shall not speak about it at the moment). And there is a really nice reason why people today are fighting for a libertarian society, because the latter propagates LIMITED GOVERNMENT, meaning that the government cannot impose things on us and coerce us into being the victims of their laws.

BUT THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO US because we live in India, the largest democracy in the world – and we elect a government and the only way to fight for our rights is to revolt back and force the government to change their decision, which obviously will not help, because like I stated, we live in INDIA where the government does what it wants to. So, the fight should be a ‘libertarian society vs. democracy’ debate and not about how CBN is cheating the farmers.

Technically, the government can chalk out a poor price and stay firm on it, but that’s not what happened here. None of the farmers or people who were deprived of their land for that matter suffered a loss. In return, they have made decent profits. The government also announced the compensation package, including Rs 50,000 a year of lease per acre for fertile land, Rs 30,000 a year for wet lands, for 10 years, and the other modes of eking out living, including to impart entrepreneurial training for landlords, monthly pension of Rs 2,500 a family to farm labourers and others who are getting displaced and houses for those losing them in the new scheme of things.

4. Chandra Babu Naidu is making stupid plans. How will the state earn revenue during the ten years that the capital will take to be built?

India has become the home to start ups. Andhra Pradesh has its very own SUNRISE village. We have the secondary sector. We have the primary sector. And you’re talking of revenue?

And to get down to reality, how can we build things overnight? You cannot compromise on quality for quantity or immediate results. Hyderabad was launched by CBN with the slogan “Bye Bye, Bangalore”. And it did not disappoint people. Even today, Hyderabad is known Cyberabad for the very same reason. Employment increased manifold, land values shot up, what not. So, please – HAVE SOME PATIENCE! We cannot have the cake and eat it too. We need a good capital. And you know that too!

5. The reason for choosing Amaravati as the capital is because of caste feeling, since the Guntur and Krishna districts are home to Kammas.

LOL, I wish I could just say this. LOL. But no, I’ll elaborate.

So, you think they should have made Vizag the capital, a port area that lies in the extreme corner of our state? Or maybe, Rajahmundry or Nellore, places that lie in the corners of the state too?

I mean, is it not minimum common sense that the capital should lie in the heart of the state, so that it can be reached out to easily by people from all over to indulge in trade and commerce? Is it not stupid of people to come up with such shallow reasons to justify their hatred? Vijayawada has been the commercial capital of erst-while Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati has a lot of unused land and immense cultural importance in history. These are the reasons you will have faith in a new capital if you intend investing in it, and these are the reasons the government chose it to be THE place!

6. “The CM has done nothing since the election. No plans, no policies. He is busy making money”.

As per the land pooling scheme, each acre will get a farmer 1,000 to 1,500 square yards of land once the capital is completed in 2018. Did god sanction this?

Chandrababu Naidu has spent over Rs 25,000 crore to address various issues of the farmers. Which government has given such huge offer to farmers in the past?

An amount of Rs 187 crore had been sanctioned for the welfare of fishermen.

Plans were afoot to conduct four lakh soil tests this year and so far, 2.70 lakh soil tests have been conduced and cards have also been issued to the farmers.

This year, one lakh metric tonnes of fertilizers were kept ready to cater to the needs of the farmers.

‘Chettu -Neeru’ and River Linkage programmes and the Crop Loan waiver scheme? For whom?

The first paper free e-cabinet? The online grievance portal ‘Meekosam’? The ‘CORE’ dashboard that promulgates transparency? Who did it all? Does this count for NOTHING?

Okay, I’m really tired now. So, I’m signing off. But I’ve left a part of me in this article. Let me just say that this is one of the several ‘horcruxes’ (if you have read HARRY POTTER, haha) I leave behind each day on my blog. Like I said, I’m totally open to discussion. Because I might be wrong. I’m NOT perfect, who is?

But then again, I don’t like the fact that our CM is being criticised in such enormity, for he isn’t sitting idle. He might be corrupt, I don’t sit next to him – so I can’t vouch for his clean hands. He may not be stressing on agriculture totally. But he has a strategy. He is working. He has plans. He is executing. And considering that we are getting back something in return, I don’t see a need to criticise him so badly. At least, not until we find someone more suitable for the post.

There are flaws. Undoubtedly. Things that can be done. But then again, the charm does NOT lie in pointing them out and cribbing about it; the beauty lies in rectifying them, coming up with solutions to the problems you have with the government or with the CM. That’s the only point I’m making here.

I want to conclude my article with one slogan that I always leave behind everywhere on social media, “There is already so much hate in the world. We don’t need more, do we?” 🙂

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