16 All Time Best Songs of M M Keeravani

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‘Raalipoye Puvva..’ to ‘Thelusa, Manasaa…’ This man can compose anything and everything. He conquered Telugu films with his music since 25 years. Probably, that’s the longest duration a music director in Tollywood survived. His latest release is India’s biggest motion picture.
Today marks the birthday and silver Jubilee of the legend M.M. Keeravani. He is fondly known as M.M.Kreem for the Bollywood folks.

Keeravani has given Telugu audience plethora of songs with plenty of variety. You name the genre and situation, M.M.Keeravani has a chartbuster for that.

Here are is list of his all time hits.
1. Pusindi Pusindi Punnaga 
It all started in this year when Keeravani gave his first hit through Seetaramaiah gaari Manavaralu. This number had a marvelous Telugu paata feel to it. The music was re-used again in Annammayya’s ‘Yele yele Mardala’ which was a hit again.

2. Jaamuraatri:

With the whole album of Kshana Kshanam occupying the top slots of the year, Keeravani quickly joined the top league of music directors. Offers poured in heavily. Jaamuraatri was indeed special with the jungle sounds and a perfect lullaby in the voice of SPB. His melody was unmistakable in the song.

3. Raalipoye Puvva:

Sung by Keeravani himself, this number easily makes you teary-eyed for the soulful rendition and heart-wrenching lyrics by Late Veturi. Keeravani has an unusual way of singing, which sounds as if he is singing in an empty hall. That sounding helped the loneliness and emptiness conveyed in this song is perfectly rendered by Mr. Kreem.

4. Aakasaana:

This is another tragedy song from him, but with a faster pace. Keeravani extracts the best out of the combination of Sitar, Kanjeera and Veena. The song creates ample sympathy in the movie for the character played by Aparna. Raghavendra Rao has a great equation with Keeravani. They have numerous songs which are permanently etched in the pages of Telugu cinema history.

5. Thelusa Manasa

An absolutely romantic number, this song proved to be a blockbuster musical favorite both in Telugu and Hindi. Keeravani’s slow rendition coupled with sizzling chemistry of Manisha Koirala and Akkineni Nagarjuna. How can one ever forget the magic?


6. Chukkallaara:

Another magnificent composition and this time it was for the Kalatapasvi K. Vishwanath. Truly matching to the brilliance of Vishwanath, the tracks in the films were unique gems. Chukkallaara is a one of the best lullabies ever from the Telugu films.

7. Punyabhumi Na Desam:

This patriotic song from the last movie of N.T.R is evergreen. Sung by S.P.Balasubramaniam, Punyabhumi describes the struggle and courage of freedom-fighters like Shivaji, Alluri Sitaramaraju and Bose. The composition has patriotism in its every beat.

8. Seethamma Andalu:

Keeravani has an exceptional skill to give his output which can match the sensibilities of the director cent percent. He can give those colorful numbers to Raghavendra Rao on one side and classic melodies to Vishwanath on the other side. The sound of Seethamma Andalu itself is so honest and from the heart.

9. Soundarya Lahari Swapnasundari:

One of the extremely popular numbers ever in Telugu cinema, Soundarya Lahari is a perfect sample of how the combo of Keeravani and Raghavendra Rao looks, feels and sounds like. The cassettes of this film are one of the most sold ever.

10. Telugu Inti Peratilona:

Not known to many but this song exemplifies the supreme talent of Keeravani while working with lyricists. Those were the starting days of Chandrabose. This unmatchable later have given chartbusters in abundance. UnniKrishnan’s divine voice made the song much more beautiful.

11. Naadiri Dhinna:

This is a classic illustration of Keeravani’s immense knowledge of instruments. Every song from Okariki Okaru sounded so fresh. This album definitely did set a standard.

12. Mounamgaane:

Balu and Chitra have maximum songs in their kitty in the directon of M.M.Keeravani. This amazing composition with extra-ordinary lyrics has been of the most inspiring songs ever produced in Telugu Cinema.

13. Chatarapathi Theme:

It would be an understatement that this song generates goosebumps for every Telugu movie lover. Indeed, this is the most powerful background scores ever. He rightly understands the sub-text of the scenes and situations. ‘Singamalai’ theme is another unforgettable track he composed.

14. Panchadaara:

The national award winner is a favorite to S.S.Rajamouli. In the last decade most of Keeravani’s hits are from Rajamouli films. Be it Ekkado Putti from Student No.1, Cheema from Simhadri or Telgu Ammayi from Maryada Ramanna.

15. Konchem Konchem:

He always keeps himself updated and thrives to give some catchy yet melody-filled tunes. Konchem Monchem is one such song. From the movie Eega and sung by Vijay Prakash, the song is unique and cute in its own way.

16. Mamatala Talli:

The latest offering from M.M.Keeravani is Baahubali’s music score. Among all the songs of the album gradually catching attention, Mamatala Talli is the most loved one. The master begins the song slowly and eventually turns it into a volcano of energy. Once can’t wait to watch how his songs and background score would have enhanced and taken the scenes of Baahubali to the next level.

Well, this list is endless. Not just Telugu, but Keeravani has given outstanding songs in Bollywood too, Criminal, Sur, Saaya, Zakhma to name a few.

It needs tremendous talent, hard work and perseverance to consistently give good music even after completing 25 years. Hats-off to this legend!



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