Taking Local Products Global – Basivi Reddy from Tenali, YourSubShop

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Basivi Reddy, a simple living, high thinking individual from Tenali wanted to give locals enhanced access to eCommerce. YoursubShop, his happening startup is an answer to many problems prevailing at grass root level. The local residents and DWCRA women now make the most out of this portal, buying and selling local make and produce.

“In most of the developed countries, technology is made optimal use of, offering citizens easy access to online buying. Local vendors across the world now make full use of customized eCommerce portals to expand the reach for their products. Tenali had great scope, and this made me come up with the idea of YourSubShop” he says.

Basivi’s vision is to make Sunrise State reap more benefits with streamlined electronic web portals. His vision is now changing the lives of DWCRA women and simple Kirana shop owners. They are now selling all of their products now on YourSubShop.

What makes his portal different from the top line names? Basivi has a ready answer to this – “Every small vendor looks for more services while signing up on large shopping portals. However, personalized attention goes lacking there. For our vendors,we give extra services that they would look for while selling their products, and that too at no extra cost”

Yoursubshop takes care of the following while the vendors interact and sell their products to the customers on their web portal –

SEO Friendly : You Can Find Your Shop On Google.
Upload Unlimited Products For Your Online Users.
Update Prices And Offers At Any Time For Your Business.
Your Online Customer Information Monitoring
S.M.S & E-Mail Alerts For Your New Orders.
Bulk S.M.S System For Marketing.
Your Sub Shop Provide Free Talk Time Or Wallet Balance On Every Online Order.
There Is No Extra Cost Involved While Making Use Of These Services

Yoursubshop now has over 2,000 users accessing products from 300 vendors and sellers. The revenue that they make is commendable, while creating a win-win situation for the local consumers and vendors. The products get extended reach due to online presence. Basivi and his team intend to start their verticals in Vijayawada and Guntur shortly.



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