Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

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Lakshmi Narasimha Ikkurthi

Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

He is one of those young men of Andhra who want to make a difference at grass root level. Nothing stops this lad from envisioning the best for his hometown, Yazali. Lakshmi looked at the ground reality of people in his place, despite having a tight schedule with corporate job. There was no satisfaction in what he was doing at that time – no difference being made to those who matter.

Lakshmi then decided to take the matters into his own hands. He began to collaborate with the like minds who wanted to do something, like him. Mission Yazali Naa Janma Bhoomi became a reality. The project that began in 2012 has successfully concluded in 2015. However, valuable work still continues.

“We are a group of old students, teaching staff and school management. We have decided to come together to do something meaningful for Yazali. Many people have left the village to seek a better lifestyle elsewhere across the metros. I have tried contacting almost all of them to come back and contribute. I have been actively tracking those who originally belong to Yazali to return home briefly to check on the situation and do what they can” says Lakshmi.

“I give a large part of credit to Seetharamaiah, who was also my classmate and hails from Yazali. He is the one who runs around tirelessly for all the approvals” he adds.

The ideology for such a cause stems from Lakshmi Narasimha’s own illustrious family background. “My great grandmother taught us valuable lessons throughout. I still recollect the incident that happened in the year 1996, when our village was caught in a severe cyclone. That week, almost 100 families stayed at my home and our rice mill. We served food to all of them.

After that incident, my grandmother taught me the most valuable lesson of life. “Whatever we have today is because of the society. Giving back to the society is not serving. It’s our responsibility

“We have successfully tried to address some of the most critical areas so far. However, more work is left.”

Here are some of the remarkable achievements made by Yazali Naa Janma Bhoomi across the critical areas of livelihood.

yazali-school Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

Striving for a better Yazali


“Since my village is the last village for Aramanda canal, getting water had become an increasingly difficult task. It was getting very difficult for the villagers to cultivate crops”

The village unit was adopted by NG Ranga Agriculture University. To this effect, team from AG College Bapatla made an agreement to visit Yazali to provide suggestions and instructions to the farmers. This team also conducts seminars on different areas of agriculture.

A series of developments followed later on. “We got the Lift irrigation project sanctioned for Tungabhadra drain that passes adjacent to Yazali. The AP government had sanctioned funds worth Rs 2 crore, that will serve 350 acres of land. With this, we can cultivate 3 crops throughout the year. This is a good progress to the current scenario where only one crop and second gets going depending on the rain water. We also working for second lift irrigation project which can helpful for 500 acres and 300 farmers”

Lakshmi Narasimha is extremely passionate about his village and cherishes its deep history. He looks forward to capitalising on every strength of his village to build some concrete outcomes.

“150 years ago, there was an outer ring road built called Polimera Donka, which separates Yazali and Buddam Villages, each 5 to 6 kilometers long. Currently, there is not even a proper shape to this road. Most of the road has been taken away and added to land by the adjacent farmers. We as a team have convinced all the villagers and are in the process of re developing the road. This road is extremely useful for 600 acres plus farmers of both the villages”

Lakshmi and team now have plans to develop an agriculture market place for the farmers that exports the agricultural products directly from Yazali. He also wants help from NABARD to develop the warehousing strategies for the villagers and bring in a system in place.

lakshmi4 Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

Team takes valuable inputs from Anna Hazare


Environment and Sanitation

The team also actively works on environmental initiatives within the villages. So far, nearly 2000 plants have been planted in all the village roads with the help of forest department. Water supply is maintained with the help of tankers. The team also had developed project ‘Inkudu Guntalu’ – made 14 harvesting wells on the road side and are actively encouraging the villagers to apply the same at their homes.

“We are seeking financial aid to construct latrines for the remaining 300 families” says Lakshmi.

Women Empowerment

Lakshmi and team have so far conducted several awareness programs to encourage the women Self Help Groups so that they can be on their own and start small scale industries. There is more work left in this area.

Lakshmi calls in the need for village incubation centre, that will also double up for skill development while encouraging small scale units and other start-ups originating at the village level.

lakshmi2 Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

Lakshmi and team engaging in planting saplings

Education and Youth

The team is constantly trying to come up with new initiatives. Currently, they conduct after school tuitions for students appearing for tenth exams. Sports is also being largely looked at. The team has conceptualised the ‘Village Utsav’, where promising athletes are identified and nurtured for bigger league.

Lakshmi Narasimha’s extensive chase to empower Zilla Parishad High School is relentless and fueled with optimism. There are needs of Zilla Parishad High School Transformation that need immediate addressing. Aim is to make the entire school use renewable solar energy and build laboratory for renewable energy.

zilla Meet the Real ‘Srimanthudu’ Behind Yazali Naa Janmabhoomi

Zilla Parishad School in Yazali

There are other projects and avenues where Lakshmi Narasimha and his team are working round the clock to bring in the transformation. These include health and wellness and financial stability for the village.

Yazali needs HELP, be a part of the CHANGE!!

You can join Lakshmi Narasimha and team to bring in the transformation for Yazali. There is no constraint for ideas and innovations to bring on the change.

Interested donors and contributors can reach Lakshmi Narasimha at 9985426232 or write to him at [email protected]. More details can be looked up on the website,





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