‘Little Women’ Who Set High Standards – DWCRA Group, Kurnool

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This is not a random story, but a tale of grit and success. A striking saga of how few women have envisioned a dream and turned it into a palace like reality. These women from AP do not belong to even a middle income group, but they have managed to do something spectacular – build a school with a budget of Rs 6 Crores with truly international appeal and standards. The school is ready to empower children of their Mandal and will be inaugurated by none other than the CM, Mr N Chandrababu Naidu.

Women of the DWCRA group hailing from Orvakal of Kurnool have made the highly impossible dream turn into a pleasant reality. The school that has been built by way of pooling in the saved money will now educate and nurture poor children hailing from nearby villages too. This is no mean fete, but a result of seething determination.

The savings for the purpose of constructing a school go back to the year 1995, when Sri N Chandrababu Naidu was the CM for the then united Andhra Pradesh. The women from Kurnool district have started to save money against all odds. Those were trying times on these ladies, when livelihood was a struggle. They had no or limited means of avenues, but moved ahead anyway. What started off with a group of women added up several groups later in course of the fund raising journey. Organisations like Pragati Velugu and Allah Malik gave boost to the cause.

The rise of DWCRA Women groups

These self help groups were direct manifestations of the lacking prevailing in the areas. As of now, there are as many as 982 women self help groups across 22 villages, building traction with great response. There are more than 10,000 women members in these groups, and the count is growing by the day.

A Rupee a Day to Rs 8 Crore

The plan of these SHGs was simple – save 1 rupee every single day! Now, the group has raised Rs 8 Cr and started to stretch further. The women started floating money around for lending other women, raising interest rates and making the revenue reach Rs 55 Crore! This move made the bankers reach out to the DWCRA women and offer loans worth Rs 70 crore. There was no looking back ever since – the women self help groups now operate on a turnover of Rs 83.5 Cr. They are also starting their own bank soon!

The group of self-sustenance

Sky is not the limit if one has a concrete plan and method, proved these groups. The women of Orvakal are now planning various initiatives that uplift the society and living conditions around them. This school is one of many such upcoming plans.

Plans for Children in High School and College

The women of Orvakal have great plans for children studying in higher grades and ready to pass out to colleges. So far, all the land for school construction has been raised from various individually operating establishments. Help has been pouring in, looking at sheer passion and vision of these women. The final result is what stands now as a seat of learning – school that looks like an international campus with quality equipment.

The school will educate children, right from nursery to tenth standard. The three storeyed expanse of classy built houses 60 classrooms. There is a large playground too, on a 3 acre stretch. The learning equipment includes modern computers, labs and books. These women are waiting to see their children get access to high quality learning – let us stand by these mighty DWCRA women and lend support.



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