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Rising from a modest ground, running errands as a ‘Vaaralabbai’ to a shining entrepreneur. Well, this is not the story of Marvel Comic’s fictional character Tony Stark. An inspiring saga of a simple boy from Nellore who had a vision to dream beyond and create an empire that empowered lives.

GVK or Dr Gunipati Venkata Krishna’s Reddy’s striking journey into the mean game of business may sound like a rags to riches tale. However, there is more to this history maker from the lanes of Kothur in Nellore District. During the times of fears and inhibitions, GVK stormed into the arena of success, building one of the world’s biggest infrastructure conglomerate operating in energy, airports, power, hospitality, transportation and life sciences.

Beyond the breath taking International Airport in Mumbai to swanky mall in Banjara Hills, here are Five Inspiring Facts about GVK that world should know.

He was a ‘Vaaralabbai

gvk4 Five Inspiring Facts About GV Krishna Reddy - Brand GVK

Building an empire with a vision – Dr G V Krishna Reddy

While studying college in Nellore, GVK was said to do a part time gig as an errand boy, while building future strategies and envisioning success ahead. Despite hailing from a stable family into small construction business, GVK had it all self-earned. Little did his folks know that young GVK would soon rise to reach the pinnacle of worldly fame and success.

Was Inspired After Reading a Book

They say that GVK’s biggest inspiration came from reading a book that spoke about using other people’s money to get rich. He is an ardent reader and follower of success mantras and techniques, and often seeks answers from great books written by people from all over the world. This also explains his even balanced approach while making critical decisions in the world of business, benefiting people’s lives on a parallel route.

GVK’s biggest contribution to the world of construction as well as lives is Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, that was built primarily to allow water from Krishna river reach out to the civilization in the then United Andhra Pradesh. The dam was built across the river Krishna and Nagarjuna Sagar in Nalgonda District. He did not stop there and followed it up with Muneru Aqueduct and Venkatapaleyam Deep Cut Canal and later Srisailam Dam project.

GVK-wed Five Inspiring Facts About GV Krishna Reddy - Brand GVK

File photo of the marriage of Sanjay Reddy, son of GVK. Sanjay tied the knot with Pinky Reddy. The then CM and scion NTR also seen blessing the power couple.

A Harvard Graduate in OPM

Most of the folks do know about GVK’s education and life changing business stint starting out as a contractor, but not many are actually aware that this persona was a sheer brilliance even with academics. After years of starting out into businesses in India backed by his father, GVK took a break to move to the United States and graduate from Harvard Business School in Owner/President Management Program (OPM). A bold move conceptualized and executed in the days where Stanford and Harvard for the simple rooted was a matter of mere dreams. GVK felt the need to educate himself further into what he wanted to become in the world of real estate.

GVK3 Five Inspiring Facts About GV Krishna Reddy - Brand GVK

The humble honcho of GVK World Business Empire

Ardent Tennis Enthusiast

GVK believes in living a full life. While most of the business tycoons would be too busy to pursue their fond hobbies and relish passions, GVK payed attention to what he loved. A great enthusiast of the Tennis game, GVK ensured that the sport got more than just his love. He set up a tennis academy in Hyderabad for young players who had the potential but no avenues. It comes as no surprise that GVK was quoted as India’s Greatest Tennis Philanthropist by none other than Tennis India Magazine.

Set Up His First Business in United States

airport Five Inspiring Facts About GV Krishna Reddy - Brand GVK

Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai built by GVK Industries Ltd

He may have struck gold and created fortunes in India, but GVK’s first stint began in North Carolina, where he set up Novopan Industries. This idea was executed after experiencing limitations with the then license regime in India to do business. Novopan was into manufacturing, and this marked the beginning of the enterprising genius’ play into business.

GVK continues to rise and shine, setting a perfect example in the world of business and philanthropy that success comes with daring to dream and execution, while giving back to the society matters equally.

GVK – Prime Awards and Recognition

gvk-award Five Inspiring Facts About GV Krishna Reddy - Brand GVK

Dr. GVK Reddy adjudged Infrastructure Person of the Year at Construction Week India Awards 2013

Infrastructure Person of the Year 2014 – Construction Week India Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 for Contribution to Aviation Sector in India

Padma Bhushan 2011 – Third Highest Civilian Honor of India

Construction World – Man of the Year 2011

Entrepreneur of The Year 2009 – Economic Times



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