Five Great Things About Kavishekara Gurajada Appa Rao

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The great Gurajada Appa Rao needs no new introduction to the people of Telugu origin all over the world. Gurajada, one of the greatest Telugu poet and writer that ever lived is well remembered in the books of Telugu literature for his two immortal masterpieces, patriotic song Desamunu Preminchumanna and a hard hitting dramatic rendition, Kanyasulkam.

We bring to you five great facts about the magnanimous writer who walked the earth called Andhra. He is also known as Abyudaya Kavitha Pithamahudu.

Five Great Things About Kavishekara Gurajada Appa Rao

Gurajada’s Ancestors Hailed From The Kalinga Region

Early records say that even though Gurajada was born at his maternal uncle’s home in Rayavaram village of Visakhapatnam district, his ancestors were speculated to have moved to the Gurajada Village in Krishna district from a Kalinga region. This is also pretty evident with Gurajada’s life mostly spent in the Kalinga Rajyam, the then Vizianagaram.

Socialistic Thinker From A Very Young Age

Young Gurajada displayed his concern and calling for the society around him from his very young years. He spoke for the first time at a Congress Party meeting in 1887 while in Vizianagaram. Gurajada was also involved in great social work and was a member of Voluntary Services Corps in Visakhapatnam.

Wrote English Poems At The Beginning

Not many know that Sri Gurajada Appa Rao wrote several English poems at the start. One of his publication, “India Leisure Hour” received great recognition and was republished by Sambhu Mukherji, a well noted author from Calcutta, the then Kolkata. In fact, it was Mukherji who constantly encouraged Appa Rao to go regional and start writing in Telugu to touch the natives.

Kanyasulkam Was The First Drama Written In Spoken Dialect

Gurajada’s first play, Kanyasulkam was a first in many ways. It was the first drama ever to be written in a spoken dialect that could be easily understood in collaboration with the visual dramatics. The drama went on to become a super success in the history of Telugu Literature. Gurajada later went on to publish a touching patriotic song, Desamunu Preminchumanna, that is remembered even today.

Was Greatly Encouraged By The Royal Prince of Pusapati

As Gurajada continued his literary journey, writing and working, he was introduced to Maharaja Pusapati Ananda Gajapati Raju, the royal prince of Vizianagaram. The prince played a significant role in Appa Rao’s life, showcasing his works far and wide. Gurajada developed a long run friendship and association with the Pusapati family for years.

We salute one of the greatest writers who ever lived on the plains of Telugus, writing strong and touching literary works which shook thoughts.





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