Fetching Pride to the Father He Has Never Met, The Incredible L V Revanth

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There are two kinds of folks in my community – the ‘hep’ category and the ‘pappu’ category. Heps break rules, take risks and go places. Pappus hide behind the blanket of tradition, criticize the above, labelling them as black sheep, make ridiculous rules inside their small heads and go to sleep without any real goals in life.

For some of us coming from a background of zero to simple means, forgettable connections, doubtful chances; and still making it to the likes of Indian Idol is an unmatched sense of achievement. L V Revanth, the small town boy of Vizag who grew up in the conservative family atmosphere in Vizag did not hesitate to break out of his pupa. He crossed all the barriers, challenged his own abilities to the fullest and made it to the National limelight.

A simple boy whose sole focus is nothing but love for singing did not even receive any formal training. Revanth just capitalized on one thing – his own capability. He broke the shackles of the mundane. He emerged as a ‘Rockstar’, sporting a funky hairdo and an attitude on his sleeve that diminishes every scope of unproductive inhibition still prevalent in most parts of our society.

For a young man who has never met his father and had to endure excruciating times in his personal life, Indian Idol is a fitting testament. A straight message conveyed to millions of youngsters in the country that there is no looking back with right amount of dedication and determination. Revanth has made his father proud, not to forget his family that looked on with pride in their eyes at the grand finale.

I’m boiling this down to community, because one goes through a lot to emerge as a butterfly, after breaking away from the shackles of meaningless conservatism that reinforces nothing but stone age.

Revanth has definitely set a profound example to the young men/women of this community and the rest of the communities in the world. Well done.



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