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So what sets real superheroes apart from the fictional ones like that of Avengers? In the start up scenario of India, we have the likes of Iron Men and Captain Americas calling shots, literally changing the way society functions and operates. Ashok Tallapaneni, Founder of UniHealth also aspires something similar for the people of his country. His brainchild UniHealth promises to change and empower lakhs of lives that rush to the ICUs to fight a battle of survival. His company wants to simplify things for the anxious patients who are regularly in need of immediate medical attention.

Hailing from Kandukuru of Prakasam district, Ashok comes from the ground up – he has seen harsh realities of people struggling while availing medical services. An MBBS from PESIMSR Kuppam, Ashok is a radiologist by profession. His motto to switch all the way to find an important entity like UniHealth has a deeper meaning and cause for the society.

UniHealth is all about offering services that are otherwise still not very accessible even in the modern day set ups – “We are trying for set up a platform that can be instantly utilized for all the medical emergencies such as ambulance services, ICU admission, blood bank information access, medical records and organ donation. UniHealth provides instant information on everything operating as SAAS (software as a service).

So what makes his app different? “It’s all about speed and ease of access” he says. “Even today, people do not know where to rush during the times of medical emergency. For all you know, they may head to a nearest hospital and find that the ICU s are full, or blood banks do not have the type they are looking for.”

“We want to simplify things with the power of information made available. Our present workflow is done under 3 apps, one each for common public, ambulance drivers and hospitals” explains Ashok.

Clearly, there should a great motivation to create something like this. Ashok brings in the true essence of being a doctor – “We doctors commonly face and witness many problems while treating patients when it comes to accessibility of resources. Most of these problems can be addressed with the use of latest technology. Nowadays we get groceries delivered using an app but not accurate medical services. Most of the companies that are trying to do something come from a non medical background. We contribute better with the medical knowledge that we possess and exposure to all the real time issues that are experienced by the doctors and the patients” he says.

UniHealth was founded with a singular vision of service. Ashok Tallapaneni co founded the entity along with his friend Dr Ramanth Polu. The duo have worked on the prevailing issues for many months and launched UniHealth in May 2016.

The future plans are to develop a ‘Doctor App’ in the next 12 months. They also intend to develop a ‘Police App’ in another 6 months, depending on the willingness of the government to use the app.

“We have a long run dream of launching our services in other countries that face similar problems. Plan is to become a one stop medical entity in the next 15 years” Ashok says.

So what does this visionary doctor have for the budding startup rookies – “I feel I’m not in a position to give suggestions to my fellow start-ups but few things I learnt and understood as of now are 1. It is very tough journey and definitely not as easy as we initially think. 2. There is always something more to learn 3. Never give up. 4. Strong team or a very strong mindset is the most important requirement. 5. Spend wisely – avoid unnecessary expenditure as much as possible.”

We wish Dr Ashok Tallapaneni all the very best with UNIHEALTH.



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