Andhra Based Techie’s SoftMachines Now Worth $1 Billion

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Talk about dreams coming true like a windfall. Another success story from Andhra that talks abouts vision, planning and achievement. Little did Mahesh Lingareddy, one of the many techies who graduated from Vizag’s GITAM’s knew that his start up will go on to value in billions one day.

SoftMachines, a firm started by Mahesh and his peer from Palestine, now entered into a revenue making phase, garnering $1 billion. The semiconductor company now made a brand of its own in the Silicon Valley. Mahesh and his partner and CTO, Mohammad Abdallah now see the project reap the real deal.

The company was operating more of in a stealth mode, working on exclusive project of chips that can significantly improve computing speeds. SoftMachines’ teams in US, Russia and India were working tirelessly on the idea, thereby presenting new designs to the market. The unique architecture built by SoftMachines has been created with the concepts called ‘virtual cores’ and ‘virtual hardware threads’. This breakthrough design actually allows effective allocation and sharing of resources across the ‘cores’.

Mahesh started this venture with an initial modest investment of $100,000. An equivalent contribution also come by from the Angel investors. The firm started the project and faced some amazing roller coaster ride. But Lingareddy never had an iota of doubt in his mind that the project will be a dud. He was well aware that revenue does not start generating from day one itself. 

SoftMachines was able to raise as much as $150 million in a span of four years (2010 -2014). Mahesh’s team comprised of resources who were PhDs and were willing to join for a small salary and be a part of something big. The trust and efforts paid off.

Mahesh Lingareddy now continues to work on other groundbreaking projects and ventures, and is now trying to build an ecosystem that promotes product development in any economy.




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