“We will build World’s Best Capital, I Have No Doubt” – CM’s Rhetoric Speech

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There was an uproar and hysteria when the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu took to the stage to address the people. Mr Naidu spoke with mixed emotions as people watched, stating what Amaravati now means to the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

The CM thanked various guests and dignitaries who have come to the main ceremony from far and wide. He spoke about the austerity of the the city of Gods, which was once an ancient capital of Andhra. Amaravati, he said, had a rich past and was more than just a new capital city. Turning towards the Prime Minister who was seated on the Dias, Mr Naidu explained that Amaravati was once ruled by the mighty Satavahanas. He affirmed that after Mr Modi brought his soil and water and offered it at the venue, his presence has made the new capital city even more powerful.

“We will build world’s best capital, I have no doubt” the CM stated with powerful confidence as Mr Modi watched in admiration. Mr Naidu spoke about the vast potential Amaravati has to become one of the best capital cities in the world. The only city where the river flows in the Northern direction, Mr Naidu said that Amaravati is strongly Vaastu compliant.

The Chief Minister broke all the inhibitions and gave a honest talk about what the state divide has done to Andhra Pradesh. He said that there are still difficulties ahead and this was precisely the time for people to hold hands and march towards progress. Amaravati, the people’s capital needs collective support, he said.

Mr Naidu spoke about the future plans for Amaravati. The new capital city will have its own individual cities; the 9 cities of administration, justice, sports, entertainment, education, hardware and electronics. he also said that Amaravati will house 7 regional centers and 7 development corridors. He remembered fondly the way Singapore government had promptly acted on his request and handed over the Master Plan for Amaravati in a record time of six months. He thanked Mr Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry, Singapore Govt, and said that because of their agile efforts, the plan will soon be a ground reality.

Mr Naidu thanked the Japanese Govt, who willingly came forward to partner with Andhra Pradesh despite the prevailing odds. He thanked their belief in the new capital city and future willingness to collaborate with the state. He also implored the best companies, both in India and the world to consider and come forward to partner with Amaravati.

Mr Chandrababu Naidu reminded the audience about the once united Andhra Pradesh and the conditions in which the state came to be divided. He thanked Telangana CM KCR’s offer to support Andhra and said that united, they both would work towards offering the best to the people. He said that a lot of issues can be resolved by bridging the gaps and solving problems.

“We have to make a collective efforts to work for progress. Expecting  a strong support from KCR. We still have problems and the center acted swiftly. Polavaram project now looks like a reality, thanks to PM’s cabinet. I thank him earnestly  for this. We all have to thank the center for having provided an extensive support. They have previously allotted Rs 100 Cr towards each district for development. When AP was in financial deficit, center came forward and financed another Rs2,300 Cr. We are extremely thankful for the Center and Mr Modi’s ever prevailing support” he said.






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