Vizag’s 92 Year Old V Sriramulu Wins Gold At World Masters Athletic Championships

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For those of you who thought that age was more than a number, here is a success story in itself. Vallabhajosyula Sriramulu, a 92 year old Retired Commander from Vizag took part in a 10 km speed walk in the 90 -94 year category at the World Masters Athletic Championships in France and won Gold.

Mr Sriramulu took part in the championships held in Lyon, France from August 4th to 16th. He has now returned home from France.

“My chest swelled with pride to see the National Tricolour being hoisted at the medal award ceremony after the event, but it was disappointing to see a nondescript volunteer presenting the medal,” he recalled.

The competition had some stringent guidelines, like both the feet should not be in the air at any point of the race. When the walker has to ground the heel, the knee should also lock, otherwise it would be counted as a run. Because of these, the old retired commander was earlier disqualified in the two events held earlier.

The old commander took part in 5km, 10km and 20 km speed walk and finished the Gold in the 10 km category. Till day, Commander (Retd) V Srimulu is very fitness conscious, and does regular weight training and daily walks.

Now, that is some inspiration.



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