Vastu Power of New Capital Vykunthapuram to get Ghat Road

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The ancient Venkateswara Swamy temple on the hilltop at Vykunthapuram which is barred from ghat road will get a road facility soon.  Vykunthapuram is on the way to Amaravati situated on the banks of Krishna river and devotees have to reach the hilltop temple through a stairway.

The absence of ghat road is troubling the devotees.  Hence the State Government has decided to provide ghat road to this ancient temple which is treated as a good omen for the new capital Tullur. The Krishna river turns towards north direction and further to east direction by touching the Krounchagiri hill of Venkateswara temple and this change of north and east direction is very good according to Vastu.

Vastu-power-of-new-capital-Vykunthapuram-to-get-ghat-road.jpg02-1024x615 Vastu Power of New Capital Vykunthapuram to get Ghat Road

Recently a retired bank manager and ardent devotees, V. Kushalram reconstructed stairway to the hilltop temple. Navyandhra Development Committee chairman, J. Veeranjaneyulu said that Vykunthapuram is famous as Dakshina Kasi and they requested the state government to construct a ghat road to reach the hilltop temple. He said that it would be 2 km distance from ground to the hilltop. Chief minister, N Chandrababu Naidu ordered endowments department to submit a detailed report about ghat road proposal.

TD leader, B. Appa Rao said that chief minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, who usually gives preference to Vastu has selected Tullur due to the Uttaravahini direction which would do all good to the government. Despite resistance, 33,400 acres were collected for new capital and this was happened due to the Sthala Mahatyam (place power). Hence the government should develop Vykunthapuram temple.

Devotees, K. Dhanujay and others said that children, middle aged and elderly people are facing severe difficulties to climb the stairs hence a ghat road is good to reach the temple. (287 w, ilyas)

Venkateswara Swamy gets the sandalwood worship here since the centuries

(History of Vykunthapuram)

According to the ancient texts, Lord Venkateswara Swamy appeared in the dreams of Chinna Ramana and Pedda Ramana brothers in the 11 century when Amaravati was under the Kakatiya rule. The lord indicated the brothers about his presence in a small cave on Krounchagiri hilltop. The duo discovered the lord in a Saligrama Sila with head, Sankham and a Chakram.   Further during the 14 century Kondaveedu rulers constructed a hall around the cave and further tried to give a complete shape to the lord’s statue. But sadly, workers found incessant bleeding from the heart of the statue and an announcement from sky stating not to give the complete form as he is in a cosmic form. The people were further ordered to perform Archana every day with sandalwood paste.

The tradition from centuries is still continuing as priests every day worship lord with sandalwood paste without fail. This worship can be found only at Vykunthapuram. The temple was reconstructed without touching the sanctum sanctorum in 1750 by the then Amaravati King Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu. It is believed this area continuous to prosper due to the Uttaravahini (north) turning of Krishna river at Krounchagiri hill.




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