Tirupati Laddu Regains The Lost Weight

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After the tight measures implemented by TTD over monitoring the accurate weighing of Tirupati Laddus, results are finally being felt as devotees are experiencing a delightful change.

The recent inputs coming from devotees say that the sacred Tirupati Laddu has not only regained its ‘lost’ weight with the ongoing tampering, but also looks perfectly in shape.

The hard work and dedication of the team paid off, particularly the single minded mission of TTD’s EO Dr Sambasiva Rao. Mr Rao intiated a tight compliance check in place observing the falling weight of the divine Laddu Prasadam in the recent times.

Laddu tampering has been in vogue at Tirumala for quite some time now, and the officials of the Devasthanams have tried hard to track down the breach. There were constant complaints from the devotees that the Prasadam was getting smaller by the day with no immediate actiion from the authorities. The original weight of a Tirupati Laddu is usually 175 gms.

The source causing the breach with the Laddu weight was difficult to track down since years. TTD has been implementing several measures to keep the quality in check but to no avail. However, the recent bar coding system of the Laddu trays has completely changed the game. The bar coding does not give a chance for the tampering to happen, right from the production to distribution of the Laddus. Furthermore, any attempt to tamper is easily detected by this system. This path breaking idea came from Mr Rao himself.

Several CCTV cameras have also been installed at all Laddu counters. A DSP has been specially entrusted with the responsibility to supervise the entire cycle, right from at the manufacturing to the sales counters. TTD’s Health Officer has also been made to visit the counters at different intervals in order to do a random check on the weight of the laddus  before submission of a daily report end of each working day.



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