Tirupati Declared The Cleanest Temple Town In India

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Adding a new feather in the cap apart from being the richest global pilgrimage in the world, Tirupati won the Safaigiri awards for being the cleanest temple town in India.

It is well known that Tirupati receives more visitors on a daily basis than even the most busiest of airports, largest railway stations, trendiest holiday destinations and swankiest malls.

The daily movement of approximately 75,000 pilgrims keeps Tirupati bustling night and day. Great responsibiltity lies on Municipal Corporation of Tirupati (MCT), which has to deal with not just tourists but also provide sanitation, hygiene and other basic amenities to approximately 375,000 residents packed into a 24 sq km radius. There is a perennial space crunch in Tirupati.

Despite the multitude of challenges, the MCT is able to offer a clean environment within the temple town. There are adequate public toilets and clean drinking water facilities. The town is serviced by two solid-waste treatment plants.

Besides 871 sweepers, the MCT has an automated road-sweeping machine that is used on the approach road to Tirumala and other high-footfall areas of the city. These measures, coupled with a large-scale public awareness campaign, has had a positive impact.



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