“There Should Be Visible Impact And Better Publicity Campaigns” – CM

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In a review meeting on welfare programs held in Vijayawada, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said the focus of the departments should be on generating economic activity than merely restricting themselves to spending the sanctioned budgets.
Stating that welfare activities will only have impact when there is public satisfaction and creates a visible impact. “We are spending nearly Rs. 14,200 crore on welfare activities in the state. There should be visible impact and better publicity campaigns to propagate the message to beneficiaries” the Chief Minister added.

“Our focus should be on three things: 1) Create study circles, 2) Skill upgradation by tying up with APSSDC and 3) Ensure placements of the students who have undergone training,” the Chief Minister explained.

This, according to the Chief Minister, can be done by synchronizing all the data on beneficiaries through Aadhar linkage (with bio-metric data of individuals). “This way, you can streamline the system, save money and ensure efficiency,” he added.

Offer monthly scholarships to students by simultaneously conducting quarterly exams to assess their performance, the Chief Minister said, adding that the department should analyse the results and link it to teachers’ performance. “This will bring in accountability among students and help the department.”

“Common exams in residential schools could be held. Exams halls can have cameras through which students can be monitoring from central monitoring station. All residential schools should have WiFi and make the tests online,” he said, adding that teachers too should be trained.

“The department can use government infrastructure that is non-functional and convert them into training centres for teachers,” he added.

He said, ultimately, welfare hostels should be converted into residential schools. Currently, 20% of them have been converted into residential schools.

The aim of the government in welfare activities, according to the Chief Minister is to generate economy activity in order to empower the beneficiaries.

“Analyse the success rate and failures of last year’s economic activities from the money spent on welfare schemes. See what’s making progress and what the government ought to do to boost certain activities,” he added.

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