Tata’s Pertinent Interest In Andhra Pradesh Goes Next Level

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Andhra Pradesh and Tata Group have always shared heartwarming friendship. Right from the moment Ratan Tata came by to spend quality time with CM an year ago, a lot has been going on as a buzz behind the curtains. What would Tata’s long run association with the state look like? Questions are now getting answered, in an interesting series of development in line.

With Tata Chemicals signing an MoU of Rs 250 Cr to develop nutritional products with Andhra Pradesh this CII Summit, things are going to a whole new level. The company is jubilant about this development. They have signed up to create and develop bio technology based nutritional products such as Oligosaccharides with Nellore as their base.

This also gives out a great potential for enhanced trade, economics, industry and employment. Tata’s presence continues to grow in the Sunrise State, and looks like this is just the beginning.



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