“Standardise Healthcare Services In Andhra Pradesh” – CM

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To ensure quality healthcare services for every individual in the state, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu suggested setting up a committee that will standardize healthcare services across the state and fix standard tests that patients can go through in government hospitals.

“These diagnostic services can be outsourced to private organisations who specialize in them,” the Chief Minister said, adding that this will not only enable them to analyse the amount spent by each patient on tests on an average but also give an insight into the disease patterns, food habits and healthcare trends.

In a meeting on health, women and child welfare held today at Secretariat, the Chief Minister was informed that diagnostics could be outsourced to service providers under Integrated Diagnostics Embracing All (IDEA) scheme.

Expressing his shock over the Guntur Hospital incident, the Chief Minister said that the incident was deeply disturbing and was not acceptable. Following this, he gave a three-month deadline to the health department officials to show visible improvement in delivery of healthcare services and revamping hospitals in the state.

“I want the infrastructure to be upgraded immediately in all hospitals. I want a visible  change within three months. There cannot be any compromise over hygiene or sanitation in hospitals,” he said, adding that these services could be entrusted to service providers by outsourcing them.

To monitor the quality of these services in hospitals, the Chief Minister directed officials to appoint an RDO-cadre officer as an administrator. “In addition to this, I want every medical facility to be geo-tagged in the state and want live data entered into the system.”

Focusing on the health of women and child, the Chief Minister directed them hold a survey on the number of pregnant women coming opting for institutional deliveries, the health of the child and mother, MMR and IMR rates.

“Because the SRS survey takes two years, we need to have our own state-wide survey to possess data in order to take better care of pregnant women and infants. That way, we will be able to know the average number of women opting for institutional deliveries, we can also study whether a few months point to a trend where there is a season for deliveries/pregnancies and also study trends in mother/infant health in order to provide them with nutritious diet and quality services with constant monitoring,” he added.

For this, set up a control room that will monitor the health of pregnant women. “The Call centre should also be set up to seek feedback after the woman delivers. This will increase accountability and help us address gaps in the system and take immediate action on those responsible for mother or infant deaths, if any,” the Chief Minister elaborated.

In order to train field workers to operate tabs and enter data, the Chief Minister suggested  that the department engage engineering college students to train them. “This will also increase social responsibility among youngsters,” he added.

Ministers Kamineni Srinivas, Peethala Sujatha and Principal Secretary (Women & Child Welfare, Health & Family Welfare) Poonam Malakondaiah, Joint Secretary to CM Padyumna and other officials were present.

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