Soaring Helmet Sales In AP

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The transport authorities of AP have made wearing of helmet compulsory effective Nov 1st. To this effect, the citizens in Andhra Pradesh are rushing in to buy their head gear. Due to this, the local automobile accessory stores have seen a spike in the helmet sales since last three days.

All the two-wheeler riders are grabbing their helmets prior to the 48-hour deadline for implementation of the rule. Heavy fine and imprisonment has also been listed as part of non compliance by the authorities. Wearing a helmet is important towards one’s reach to better road safety.

Not only this, the transport authorities of AP insist on wearing a branded helmet made of good quality. It is mandatory for the people to buy authentic helmets from branded dealers. Some of the leading brands in helmets are Steelbird, Vega and Studds, the price range of which vary anywhere from Rs 800 to Rs 2000.

On the other side, tax exemption and direct billing by the manufacturing companies will reduce this cost by 30 per cent. It has been noticed that most riders are reluctant buyers who still await to see if a court intervention may stop the authorities from implementing the rule, going by the local buzz.

The local dealers opine that transport department authorities who have been lenient so far with the law-breakers have tightened the noose for those who do not understand the value of road safety. Of all the safety measures, wearing a helmet comes first in priority to avoid critical road fatalities.

There has been nearly a 30 percent rise in the helmet sales in Vijayawada alone.




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