Snapshots of CM’s Japan Tour – Day 1 (Post Lunch), Four Meetings

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Post successful discussions and outcomes in the first part of the day yesterday (6 June 2015). Chief Minister N ChandraBabu Naidu successfully concluded the second part of the Day 1 innings with four more action plans.

Here are the four vital meetings that happened post lunch in Japan yesterday:

Meeting With Yokohama Port Representatives

After lunch session saw Mr Naidu meet with Yokohama Port executives to discuss pootential areas of collaboration in the port sector. The Yokohama Port, located on the Tokyo Bay is an all round port, handling major cargoes such as container, finished automobile, cereals and stone oil.

The President of Yokohama Port, Mayasuki Takashima confirmed that they will prepare a master plan collaborating their port with ports in Andhra, such as Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Krishnapatnam. Yokohama Port to prepare the action plan for all AP ports.

Port1 Snapshots of CM's Japan Tour - Day 1 (Post Lunch), Four Meetings

Hon’ble CM meeting with Mr. Masayuki Takashima, President, Yokohama Port, 06 July 2015

Detailed discussions happened, with Takashima informing the CM that they have already visited the Kakinada Port and SEZ last month. The port authorities had questions about road and power facilities in Andhra Pradesh that were adequately answered by Mr Naidu. He also stressed on the ongoing expansion plans of airports in Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam.

The CM also discussed fisheries to be a strong focus point for AP at the moment. The AP state government has identified fisheries as one of the growth engines in the state. “Income from fishing for 2014-15 stood at Rs.21,325 crore. The state government targets an income of Rs. 32,058 crore this year,” he added.

Mr Naidu added that the high growth rate in fisheries sector calls in for high export potential in the sector.
Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, P. Narayana, Advisor (Communications) Dr. Parakala Prabhakar, Principal Secretary to CM Satish Chandra, Principal Secretaries Ajay Jain, S.S. Rawat, Giridhar and CRDA CEO Srikanth were present during this meeting.

Meeting With Sumitomo Representatives

Sumitomo completed feasibility report on Bhavanapadu Power Project and has decided to fast track a project of 1,000 MW. Polaki in Srikakulam has been identified at the final site for the project.

The Chief Minister reviewed the progress on MoUs signed between the state government and the company last November. Executives from Sumitomo briefed about the progress since last November post signing of MoU on the Bhavanapadu power project.

During this meeting, the state government has decided to constitute a committee of dedicated officials to pursue and finalize project financing. Two representatives from Sumitomo and two from the Government of Andhra Pradesh will be part of this committee.

Sumitomo’s Willingness To Contribute To AP’s Agriculture

Sumitomo also offered to help increase the yield of the agricultural fields in Andhra Pradesh. They informed Mr Naidu that they will commence the research and experimental work this month. Meanwhile, they added that Japan’s agriculture productivity is double that of Andhra Pradesh.

Port2 Snapshots of CM's Japan Tour - Day 1 (Post Lunch), Four Meetings

The Chiefs of Sumitomo’s infrastructure division showed active interest in the new capital development. “We want to participate in sewerage treatment and also in water management, traffic signals and traffic plan,” they told the Chief Minister.

Mr Naidu responded positively and asked to come up with an action plan. During the visit of AP delegation to Japan last November, the Government of AP signed four MoUs with Sumitomo: Agriculture, Energy, Food Processing and Capital development.

Meeting With JICA

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is set to consider in bidding and participating in the power project financing of Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC). Mr Naidu asked JICA to prepare action plan for the next 15 years looking at AP’s needs. The meeting was about the new Capital Amaravati, Metro Rail and Power Project.

Domichi Hidaeki, senior Vice-President of JICA confirmed to the Chief Minister that they would like to consider participation in capital consultancy bid and also participate in power project financing of the Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC) and Krishnapatnam Industrial Park.

“We would organize a seminar on it soon. To support irrigation, we would initiate a survey of the present status by October. We will also look at food processing and distribution industries,” he added.

Replying the same, the Chief Minister asked him whether JICA can prepare an action plan for the next 15 years. “According to estimates, our Capital would need nearly $50 billion investment over the next 15 years. Based on the needs, can JICA prepare an action plan for the state?” he questioned.

The Chief Minister informed the JICA chief that Yokohama is interested in Kakinada, Sumitomo is interested in Krishnapatnam area for industries and ports. “Let us evolve a 15-year action plan for irrigation, infrastructure and capital.” he said.

Mr. Hidaeki said that Japanese companies are interested in Andhra Pradesh. “The reason is good governance. Another reason is that India has a strong political leadership and also presence of leaders like you, Mr. Naidu,” he added.

The JICA chief recalled the last summit meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe where Japan had committed $35 billion worth investments. “A good part of this can go to AP. We are more interested in coming to your state. Both are Prime Minister and you are good and efficient officers, very competent,” Mr. Hidaeki stated.

The Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh needs investments, technology and skills. “We are also prepared to finance Japanese and Indian companies to invest in India,” Mr. Hidaeki added.

Meeting With JBIC Executives

Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) expressed positive vibe towards Andhra Pradesh’s industrial growth. The officials of JBIC conformed that Softbank approached them to commence solar power projects in AP.

In a meeting between Executive Managing Director, JBIC, Koichi Yajima and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu saw discussions of surveys of investor sentiment every year. “Last survey was done in November last year. Our survey showed that investor sentiment was rising in favor of India,” Mr Yajima said.

Yajima also told that he’s aware of the advantages of Andhra Pradesh having a long coastline. “We have abundant water, power and minerals. There are opportunities aplenty in the ports sector, in capital city. We seek your cooperation in encouraging Japanese investors to come to Andhra Pradesh” said Mr Naidu.

“SoftBank has sought our cooperation for support”, said JBIC’s Yajima, adding that Sumitomo is also anticipating cooperation from JBIC for Srikakulam power project.




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