Skymet Weather Confirms Great Rain Spell for AP in July

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After a grueling summer, July seems to be a welcome wagon for the state. Andhra Pradesh has reportedly experienced a healthy rain fall this month, going by the time tested reports from the Skymet Weather.

According to the ace weather predicting system, the Southwest monsoon that started on a weak note picked up good force until July so far. The regions of coastal AP and Rayalaseema have reportedly received excess rains that go to the tune of 75% and 86%, respectively.

In the month of July, rainfall reduced significantly over Andhra Pradesh. Monsoon rains remained on a low key and all the excess rains were consumed. As on July 10, Coastal Andhra Pradesh had received excess rains to the tune of 42% and Rayalaseema 49%.

Whenever the Monsoon trough shifts towards the foothills of the Himalayas, rainfall increases along the Indo-Gangetic plains and Monsoon goes a little weak in Central and Peninsular India. However, Monsoon tends to become active in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This is exactly what happened a couple of days back. A cyclonic circulation came up over the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Andhra Pradesh. A trough was also formed which enhanced rains over the state. During last two days, Rayalaseema received good showers.

July 17 was the first day of the month when Andhra Pradesh recorded above normal rains. Coastal Andhra Pradesh received 2.1 mm of rainfall against the normal of 5.4 mm for the day. Rayalaseema received 9.1 mm of rainfall against the normal of 3.6 mm. Therefore, this region received 102% excess rains on July 17.

On Sunday, Visakhapatnam received 20 mm of rainfall while Kakinada received 6 mm. At present Rayalaseema is 31% excess and Coastal Andhra Pradesh is 21% excess in terms of Monsoon rains.

The Monsoon trough will remain near the foothills for another 48 hours. Andhra Pradesh will continue to receive good rains during this time.

A weather system will come up in the Bay of Bengal around July 21. Once again Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra Pradesh will receive Monsoon rains, from July 22 to 24.

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