Six New Proposed Projects In The Vijayawada VGTMUDA Zone

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Government of Andhra Pradesh is treading fast with the proposed plans for the new projects in the VGTMUDA zone. Here are six of the proposed projects that have been shared by the Chief Minister off late.

1. Passenger Ropeway

Development of passenger ropeway system connecting various tourist spots in the vicinity of Bhavani Island, Vijayawada.

2. Bodhisiri UDA Hill Park: The site is strategically located adjacent to Prakasam Barrage on the southern bank of River Krishna with a spectacular natural view point for recreation and leisure. It is proposed to provide integrated tourist facility on hill top.

3. Krishna River Beautification

Development & Beautification of Krishna river water front is proposed to develop the down stream of Prakasam Barrage by constructing a check dam near Yenamalakuduru and provide facilities for water sports, river beach development with necessary facilities.

Plaza2 Six New Proposed Projects In The Vijayawada VGTMUDA Zone

4. Green VGTMUDA Region

VGTMUDA proposes to take up the “Green VGTMUDA region” project in order to maintain ecological balance, reduce environmental pollution, increase the green cover in the region, conservation and management of rivers, canals, lakes in the region Beautification & development of UDA park Krishna river water front at Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada.

5. Recreational Facilities For The Public

VGTMUDA plans to develop recreational, leisure and entertainment facilities with good landscaping, street furniture, dynamic illumination, fountains, boating and food courts in the above project area.

6. International Buddhist Tourism Project

New International Buddhist Tourism Project has been proposed in order to develop International Buddhist Tourism Project near Dyana Buddha statue, Amaravati.




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