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The abusive and indecent comments made by the actress turned politician Roja has stunned the political community at large, which now demands a life ban on her. The suspended YSRCP MLA faced acute boycotting and criticism in the AP Assembly on Tuesday, with members asking for a lifetime ban on her instead of one year. were made for her abusive comments against TD Dalit MLA Anita and CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Kodela, honorable Speaker, AP Assembly spoke yesterday and stated that he would take severe action against the actress turned politician after going through her video footage in detail. The Speaker affirmed that there would be no compromise while upholding the dignity of the House and the members of the House.

Roja distatseful comments on the Dalit MLA Ms Anitha made people retch at her uncivil behavior. Roja had openly insulted the Dalit MLA in the House, making a personal comment about deserting her husband. Anitha broke down in tears and said that there are several reasons for a wife to separate from her husband.

Later, the actress turned politician also called certain TD MLAs bandicoots and buffalos in the regional slang. TDP officials pined that she had no right to enter the House and requested the Speaker to suspend her for the remaining period of the House. Going a step ahead with her irresponsible tone, Roja called Chief Minister Sri Chandrababu Naidu “call money CM” and “sex racket CM”.

The House discussed Ms Roja’s issue in the Zero Hour, where BJP MLA P. Vishnu Kumar Raju said that he had asked the Speaker to consider reducing the suspension period of Ms Roja. After coming to know that she had insulted a Dalit women member in the House, he has withdrawn his earlier statements on reducing of her suspension.

Minister Pitala Sujatha shared that in the previous Session, Ms Roja had insulted her and now it was Ms Anitha’s turn. Since both were Dalits, she said that Ms Roja had no respect for Dalits. She told YSR Congress chief Mr Y.S. Jagan that if he had any respect for Dalit women, he would suspend Ms Roja from the party with immediate effect.

Picking the heat and the momentum, Minister Mrunalini and other members also demanded Speaker to take serious action against Ms Roja and give protection to the women MLAs in the House. “I understand your sentiments; not only those who spoke in the House, but even those who did not speak will be of the same opinion…even some members of the YSR Congress may be of the same opinion”, the Speaker replied.

Kodela added that he had collected all the video clippings of the incident and post consulting the members, he would take action. “There will be no compromise in upholding the dignity of the House and the members,” he said, adding that he hoped that all the members would support his decision on Ms Roja.

Roja had tendered an apology to the House earlier, and her suspension was revoked. The Speaker shared that he had thought that she would change her behaviour.



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