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Tollywood actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is well known for her active philanthropic side. The actress who has won millions of hearts with her on screen performances has also touched many lives doing noble deeds. Adding one more to the feather is Sam’s recent contribution for young infants at Vijayawada.

Samantha will be now sponsoring vaccination of infants below six months of age to fight rotaviral infections. She will be collaborating with Andhra Hospitals to help the kids, providing vaccines free of cost.

Every year, one lakh children die in the country due to rotaviruse caused gastroenteritis. This virus infects and damages the cells lining small intestine and causes gastroenteritis. Most people mistake this for stomach flu.

Even though the vaccine was available for the rotaviral infections, it was not included as part of the government immunization program because the inoculation was on the expensive side.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu already has a tie up with the Andhra group of hospitals. Her charitable trust, Prathyusha Support pays a third of the hospital bills of infants requiring intensive care support. Under this arrangement, Sam and Andhra Hospitals pay a third of the bill each, while the remaining one-third has to be footed by the parents.

But in this Rotavirus Vaccine Campaign, Ms Samantha and Andhra Group of Hospitals are footing the entire cost.

Barring the age of six months there was no other restriction for the babies to avail the vaccination. The doses had to be taken at monthly intervals. The parents will be given a slip with date and time when they should bring the child for the subsequent doses.

The vaccination costs Rs 2,000 (inclusive of all three doses), parents with infants who are less than six months should avail the opportunity.

Those interested can call 9494254206 of 08662576757 to register for an appointment.




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