Record Money Collected With Helmet Violations in Vizag

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Implementing the stringent Helmet rule in AP seems to be showing slow but steady results. The traffic police continue to crackdown those who non comply with wearing of helmet. To this effect, a record amount of money was collected in a span of just four days in the Vizag city alone. Close to 3,761 cases have been booked and a total amount of Rs 3,76,100 has been collected from Nov 12th to Nov 16th in Vizag.

Coming to Andhra as such. almost thousands of cases are being booked over helmet violation every single day. Traffic cops are now dividing themselves into smaller groups and deploying action at various locations. All the places are being targeted, right from busy junctions to small side lanes.

“Around 55 to 60 per cent of motorists are using helmets now, which is a major development when compared to the past. However 40 per cent people are still neglecting the rule,” said ADCP (Traffic) K Mahendra Patrudu while speaking to the media.

It is ironic to note that violations are continuing in large numbers by all age groups. According to the police sources, the target group is mostly youngsters and women.

The traffic cops in Vizag have also issued notices to several colleges in the city, making the helmet usage mandatory with messages on the campus premises. They have urged the managements to take strict action against violators.



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