Rajnath Singh to Chair Southern Zonal Council Meeting in AP

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Union Minister for Home, Sri Rajnath Singh will be chairing the 26th meeting of Southern Zonal Council that will be held in Vijayawada. This meeting is set to take place tomorrow (12th Dec 2015).

The Southern Zonal Council constitutes Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry respectively. Chief Ministers of the above states along with certain senior officers from both the center and state are expected to take part in this meeting.

The zonal councils have been created under the State Reorganization Act of 1956, and serve as advisory entities which elaborate and discuss matters of common interest at both state and central level. The areas covered in the advisory are infrastructure, security, health, social welfare, linguistic minorities, border disputes and the like. Action points for these matters would also be discussed with target dates of completion.

This meeting is held once every year to run through major issues that tend to impact decisions and running at both central and state levels. Any differences arising between both the governments are sorted in the council meetings, with prime focus on development programs that can impact both regional and national level.

This year’s Southern Zonal Council meeting will have a prime agenda with areas under discussion as follow:

Coastal Security

Peninsular Region Industrial Corridor

Introduction of Tourism Trains

Inter state reciprocal transport agreement

Pesticide issues

Nursing courses

Other important issues will also be flagged on an ad hoc basis in course of the meeting.



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