Rain Guns Come to Rayalaseema

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Drying up of crops due to lack of rainfall has become a main concern for the state. In an attempt to mitigate the ongoing crisis, CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu and his team are working on practical methods to address the situation. Rayalseema has also been discussed and acted upon as an active site that needs solutions.

Along with methods such as drip irrigation, tankers etc, the CM has also suggested the use of ‘Rain guns’, particularly in the Rayalaseema region. The rain guns have showed good results so far in the districts such as Prakasam and Guntur. The CM has henceforth directed the officials to use the same technology for the Seema region as well.

The Joint Collectors and Directors of Agriculture have been instructed to make active field visits to keep a check on the situation and ensure safety of the crops.

Irrigation sprinkler, popularly referred to as Rain Gun is used worldwide for the irrigation of crops as an effective method. Rain guns also have other uses, such as controlling airborne dust, better landscaping and checking the wastage of water that happens because of seepage and evaporation. A constantly arid region like that of Seema should greatly benefit with the use of rain guns in the fields. Rain guns spray water into small water drops, emulating natural rain.



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