People of Capital Region demand Protection of Ancient, Historical Monuments

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The people of the capital region are seeking protection of heritage sites of various villages which reflect our ancient rich culture and traditions. The Singaporeans are going to submit final plan of new capital by May first week and the state government is planning to start construction works from the month of June. These ancient monuments would be damaged due to vast construction activity, and hence the natives are seeking measures from the government to protect heritage monuments.

Already the Undavalli Caves are on the peril of damage due to passing of vehicles in large numbers besides the caves to Amaravathi. These caves are situated on the Vijayawada-Undavalli-Amaravathi main road. Besides this, majority villages of the capital region have historical background as Nidamarru was formed in 1480 by Vijayanagara Kings, Tullur was established in 1201 by Amirisetti by constructing Turukeswara Swamy temple, Nowluru was formed in 1076, Yerrabalem was established in 1135 on the name Yerrama Nayakudu, Ainavolu was formed in 1479, Anantavaram was established in 1153 and rest of capital villages have similar ancient history. There are ancient idols and monuments in various villages which needs protection in view of capital construction works.

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Retired professor, Y. Balagangadhara Rao who conducted researches on the capital villages said that according to the historic text, Parasuramudu installed Ganga, Parvati and Ramalingeswara idols in 1201 which was further modernized by Amirisetti. The inscription about this history is available in the Ramalinga Swamy temple at Mandadam. He added that Mandadam was formed in 1181 and three inscriptions are available about the Mandadam history.

Mr. Rao further mentioned that history of Kuragallu, Yerrabalem, Nidamarru, Nirukonda, Ainavolu, Undavalli, Uddandarayunipalem, Amaravati, Nekkallu, Nelapadu, Penumaka, Bethapudi, Mangalagiri, Mandadam, Malkapuram, Rayapudi, Velagapudi and Sakhamuru is available in the inscriptions of manual of administration of Madras presidency 1 and 2 volumes, south Indian inscriptions 4, 5, 6 and 10 volumes, Krishna district manual, Sasana Sabdakosamu, Sabda Ratnakaramu and Suryandhra Nighantuvu.  He asserted on the need of protecting the ancient monuments in these historical villages in views of capital construction works.

Archeology student, TV Rao said that nearly 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles including sand lorries passes besides the ancient Undavalli caves releasing pollutants and this pollution became a hazard damaging ancient monuments. The Padmanabha Swamy idol can be found only in Undavalli caves so the adjacent Vijayawada-Amaravati main road should be shifted from the caves to protect ancient monuments. He added that as the government should prepare a heritage action plan to protect ancient monuments during the forthcoming construction activity and further should not relocate ancient villages which are heritage treasures of Andhra people.




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