Pattiseema – History Made!!

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In what will be called as the historic feat, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has successfully released Godavari Water under the Pattiseema Project into Polavaram Right Main Canal on July 6th.

The Polavaram Right Main Canal will irrigate 1.2 lakh acres in Krishna & West Godavari districts. The water released will also stabilise the Krishna Delta Ayacut. This is another milestone for the people in the region.

For the record, at least 700 cusecs of water from the River Godavari has now been released that will directly flow into the river Krishna at a point called ‘Pavitra Sangamam’ located in Ibrahimpatnam. The CM had switched on 24 pumps at the main pump house in Pattiseema that will let the water flow into right canal of Polavaram.
The water from the Polavaram canal will in turn flow into the Krishna river and fill up the Krishna barrage near Vijayawada. This water can now be  used for agricultural needs both in Krishna and Godavari districts and cater to the drinking water requirements.

This interlinking project has proved to be critically important for the state, as heavy volume of water will now be diverted into a productive use rather than getting wasted into the sea.

Aside fulfilling the water needs in this part of the region, water from Krishna river will now be used to serve the highly water deficient Rayalaseema.

After commissioning of the project today, the CM confirmed that completion of the project satisfies his strong resolve on the inter-linking of rivers. The water released from the Pattiseema lift project will be gradually increased too, as the water flow increases.

In a single mission, the Naidu led government has addressed the balance of water management between the coastal and Seema parts of the state.

CM is next considering linking the Nagavali and Vamsadhara rivers with an equally unfazed determination.



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