Packaged Godavari Water To Be Sold By India Post

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During the auspicious time of Pushkaralu, The Department of Posts will be looking to package close to 7 Lakh bottles of water from the Godavari River. The river, considered holy by many devotees will be at the center of attraction during the 12 day long festival. There is however talk that further production will be requires as demand for the water is expected to reach 20 lakhs.

The Chief Post Master General for the Andhra and Telangana Circle, B.V. Sudhakar, claimed that due to the appreciation that was received from all quarters, more bottles would be produced. The bottles have been named GOD-JAL after Godavari Jalam, which translates into Godavari Water. Prices for the bottles begin at Rs.20 for a 500 ml bottle and booking for the water began as early as Wednesday, the 24th of June. The Pushkaralu festival lasts from July 14th to July 25th.

As far as the purification process goes, a local purification and bottling company, Sapphire, which is ISI-Certified will manufacture the bottles. The company, based in Rajahmundry will ensure that each bottle of water goes through a rigorous 18-step purification process before going up on sale during the festival. The steps will be in line with the Bureau of Indian Standards before getting bottled.

Online orders also available:

For devotees who are keen on purchasing the water, close to 16,150 post offices that are present around Andhra and Telangana will be selling them. In addition to this, for devotees who will not be able to make their presence physically at the festival, an online site, has been set up so that purchases of the water can be made.

Purchases within the state will not effect any delivery charges though overseas deliveries will come with an added delivery price tag. Further, those who wish to purchase the water from abroad can do so by utilizing American Express or Diner cards to complete their purchases.

Mr. Sudhakar also claimed that if the Godavari water bottling idea is a success, they will seek permission to begin bottling the Holy Ganga river water too. To do so, he said they would obtain permission from the respective state governments.

The water sale is one of the postal department’s revenue generating ideas for the fiscal year 2015-16 and they will look to build on it once the festival is over. Mr. Sudhakar added that revenue for the postal department has been on the rise for the past three years owing to plans and schemes that favour public interest strongly.

The turnover for the Department of Posts in 2012-13 was Rs. 47,912 Crores which increased by 5.5% in 2013-14 to Rs. 50,548 Crores. This was further increased to a record 67,211 Crores-nearly 29% which was directly co-related to the increase in the number of savings accounts as well as innovative projects.

Officials also announced plans to open 14 new post offices and 8 sub post offices at the Mandal level this year.




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