On A Mission To Sculpt Abdul Kalam

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Well known sculptor Rajkumar Vudayar is on a new mission. He is currently busy making as many as 20 larger than life statues of the former President and visionary, Shri Late Abdul Kalam. These sculptures will be installed all over the country.

October 15th is the birth anniversary of Late APJ, and with grand scale plans on, many orders are flowing in to his studio cum workshop at East Godavari District.

A sculptor with an international acclaim, Vudayar has made over 2000 statues in the past that include idols of Gods and famous personalities of the country. Originally from Mysuru, he is the third generation sculptor in the family. His father Srinatha Ratnasilpa Vudayar is known to have sculpted close to one lakh statues, including those that were erected on the Tank Bund road of Hyderabad.

Younger Vudayar also runs a gallery in Rajahmundry and the tallest statue ever made was of 25 feet. The bronze and fiber statues that are currently being made on Late Kalam measure 8 feet high and weigh 500kg and 100kg.

“I don’t view Swami Vivekananda and Abdul Kalam statues in a commercial angle as they are guiding lights to the youth, though I accept when the affordable pay me from the bottom of their heart,” he said.



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