No More ‘Cockfight’, AP and Telangana!!

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It’s the end of a long standing legacy. The two Telugu states have been asked to end the cockfight. No, we are not talking about the war of the words here, but a literal practice that is indulged in during the festive fervor of every Sankranti.

The High Court has officially banned the cockfight tradition across Andhra and Telangana, as a proactive measure against animal cruelty. Every year, people of both the states celebrate, make merry and participate in the timeless tradition. While the women perform astute worship and welcome the new tidings for their families, men get going with their booze, card games and cockfights.

With the cockfight dropped from the list, there would be no more gambling or child labor too. It is a meaningful approach to end the prevailing social evils. However, most people who have been accustomed to the tradition may feel slightly blue this Sankranti.

There is more to look forward to during the vibrant festival of Sankranti, so we can infer that cockfight may not be missed as much.



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