Nellore’s ‘Intensive Plantation Drive’ in Full Swing

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Nellore's 'Intensive Plantation Drive' in Full Swing
Nellore is going full swing with the intensive plantation drive. The city of AP that is rather self sufficient in taking developmental initiatives now intends to complete planting as many as 50 lakh saplings throughout the district by the end of July itself. Both the administration and the residents are walking hand in hands, playing a proactive role in the initiative.
To this effect, District Collector M Janaki has directed the officials working across the departments to go on with the mission till the target is reached. The green initiative taken up by the city is rather commendable. There is an everyday briefing and status update done to understand the progress.
Nellore is seriously looking at enhancing the green environment. With the kind of traction ongoing, the city is soon to become a role model for the rest in the state. Planting is progressing actively both in the urban and rural parts.



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