NASSCOM to Step in for ‘Smart’ Kakinada

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Smart Kakinada will see a force of support coming its way. NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) has geared up to extend much required technical support to work on the Smart City initiative for Kakinada.

NASSCOM’s plan will be to offer top notch tech support, using IT for smoother and faster completion of projects. This includes round the clock surveillance of roads, public places, managing utilities, bill payments etc.

An extensive brain storming will also be conducted shortly where senior members of NASSCOM from prime zones like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi will take part to discuss. Once the core structure is finalized, tech support will go live for goal completion.

It is said that even the members of GITA association will come together to play an important role while highlighting the main concern areas for Kakinada. Meanwhile, the residents and public officials are actively working towards raising awareness about the Smart City concept. The locals are involving themselves as much as they can to march towards progress.



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