Missed Call Service Launched For Godavari Mahapushkaram

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service has been activated to provide updates on Godavari Mahapushkaram 2015

In order to provide real-time updates to pilgrims on Godavari Mahapushkaram this year, the Government of Andhra Pradesh had launched “Missed Call to SMS information on Godavari Puskharalu 2015” service.

Pilgrims and tourists can just give a missed call to toll free number 8333000020. The call will be disconnected, and the citizen will receive an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call.

Over the call, the user can get real-time information on Pushkarghats, temples, hotels, road and rail network and other emergency details. Later, an SMS will be sent to the individual based on the information sought via IVR call.

In addition, 25 Pushkar Information centers are positioned at strategic locations in the vicinity of ghats. These centers are equipped with an automated Kiosk machine and free internet facility to seek information on the availability of banks, ATMs, hotels, Pushkar Ghats, emergency contacts etc. The automated kiosk also helps citizens to navigate to a specific place.

Apart from this, a 20 member video analytics team is positioned in the police control room to monitor camera surveillance at various ghats and estimate the number of people arriving at the Godavari Mahapushkaram.



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