Miracle At Arasavalli Suryanarayana Swamy Temple

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For the first time ever, a miracle was witnessed at the Suryanarayana Swamy temple at Arasavalli. Sun’s rays fell on the feet of the main deity in the early hours of Thursday (01 Oct 2015). Devotees who were at the temple that time were the lucky few ones to have witnessed this divine and surreal proceeding.

As per the temple sources of Arasavalli, located near Srikakulam, this phenomenon is likely to occur on Friday and Saturday also.

Sun’s rays fell on the Dwajasthambam through the ‘Gopuram’ and touched the deity’s feet. The incident lasted for six minutes. This was the first time ever that sun’s rays stayed for more than four hours in the entire temple history.

The temple was engineered in a way that Sun’s rays fall on the feet of the deity twice a year, in March and October, even with the five entrance gates closed. The rays are said to touch the presiding deity in March when the Sun moves from ‘Uttarayanam’ to ‘Dakshinayanam’. This happens again in October when the Sun moves to ‘Uttarayanam’.

The priests at the temple offered special prayers to the presiding deity on the occasion. The Endowments Department now plans to remove all structures between Indira Pushkarini and the main temple so that Sun’s rays perfectly fall on the temple premises.

Suryanarayana Temple – When Sun God Descended On Arasavalli



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