Microsoft Kaizala, CM’s Instant Choice

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If there was one thing that had worked super efficiently in terms of technology during the entire span of Krishna Pushkarams, that would be Microsoft Kaizala. Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu had particularly asked the officials to use a fast and fully loaded app for streamlined functionality and user experience.

Kaizala is an Android app developed by Microsoft. The app had practically made things real easy for the multi-disciplinary teams who were deployed at the all Pushkar ghats and Pushkar Nagars.

The app that has been launched by Microsoft has been in use for quite sometime, gathering positive reviews in terms of user experience. Kaizala offers privacy-based sub-groups that can be coordinated as per requirement. Some of the main features of Kaizala app are conducting polls, bill submission and creation and allotment of jobs.

As many as 91 groups were created by the administration on the app to establish smooth operations and communications between the officials who were assigned duty during the Pushkarams. The officers kept actively in touch to monitor the situation at the ghats and oversee other logistics for the incoming crowd.

CM is clearly impressed with the app and now plans to make it a part of everyday working of the in house state administration.



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