“Meeting With Ratan Tata Is The Most Memorable Day Of My Life” – CM

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Tata Trusts had officially signed a memorandum of understandding to adopt 264 villages in the Vijayawada constituency. This move proves to be one of the landmark milestones in the history of new state of Andhra Pradesh. The Chief Minister, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is jubilant with his experience, spending an entire day listening to the business icon of the Nation, Ratan Tata.

The signing of Tata Trusts to jump start the “Smart Village – Smart Ward” Program turns out to be a great beginning for the future developmental initiatives for the state.

Sharing thoughts on this, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu put the feeling in his own words:

“This day will remain as one of the most memorable moments in my life. I spent my whole day listening with Industry Titan Ratan Tata Garu today. From listening to his experiences to giving new ideas about developing Andhra Pradesh, it has been a great day of sharing and learning.

We all are aware that Tata Garu is doing his bit in boosting India’s start-up ecosystem by investing in interesting start-ups, I have asked him to visit Andhra Pradesh often and mentor our entrepreneurs here. I believe our state has skilled human resources. All we need is the right guidance that will set us off in the right direction. I’m glad that Tata Garu has agreed to do his best for supporting Andhra Pradesh.

The most interesting part of the day was when Ratan Tata Garu shared memories our first meeting in 1999. It was when he was planning to venture into the telecom business. He told me that he heard of my role as the Chief Minister of (erstwhile) Andhra Pradesh and how he thought I was open and transparent. I was quite humbled to hear those words from a person who represents the industrial might of our country.

Further on, Shri Ratan Tata expressed his joy over the new move made in the direction of Andhra Pradesh.

“Today, it is an emotional moment for me to be here in Vijayawada, embarking on creating a new state and capital with numerous ideas.”

CM went on to share what this means for the new Sunrise State.

“Today, our government has signed an MoU with Tata Trusts to develop 264 villages in Vijayawada constituency on various development issues. With this initiative, Tata Trusts has set an example in Smart Village-Smart Ward program of our government. I’m extremely happy that Ratan Tata Garu‘s thoughts and ideas will give Andhra Pradesh a further boost, taking it to great heights.

With such a great and respectable mentor, I’m sure there’s no looking back for those who will be guided under his leadership. We are fortunate to be associated with Tata garu who will lend us a helping hand in transforming Andhra Pradesh into a Sunrise State”




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