Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi – Phase 2 To Begin In November

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After the successful completion of the pilot run of ‘Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi’ by AP Govt, phase 2 will commence from November 1st this year.

The second phase of the state government’s Meeintiki Meebhoomi will begin on November 1st, for which collectors are readying for its implementation.

To this effect, large scale publicity will be held in villages and Gram Sabhas with a mission to educate public about the importance of the drive.

Under this program, the Village Revenue Officer will visit each and every household and hand over a printout of the land holdings of the farmer and at the same time, take back any complaint for amendments with documentary proof and effect them. The VRO would again issue a fresh printout after effecting the changes.

This initiative will curb corruption and enable land owners to view the details of their land-holdings in real-time on the Web.

Visit Meeintiki Meebhoomi Web Portal for more details.



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