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Singapore and Andhra Pradesh government unveiled the master plan for the state’s new capital city, Amaravati today. Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Trade and Industry and his team were in Hyderabad for the handing over of the master plan to Chief Minister Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu.

“This master plan will guide the development of Amaravati up to the year 2050″, said Mr S. Iswaran. “Singapore has worked closely with the Andhra Pradesh government to complete the master plan on schedule. I am happy that Singapore has contributed to Andhra Pradesh’s vision to create a vibrant and liveable city for its people. Amaravati will truly be a People’s Capital”, he added.
Some Important Features of Amaravati as per the Master Plan:
AP1 Master Plan For Amaravati Out - First Look
1. The capital city will rise on the banks of the Krishna River, between the existing cities of Vijayawada and Guntur. Named after an ancient Buddhist city, Amaravati will be the seat of the Andhra Pradesh government. It will also be a city where Andhra citizens and people from all over the world can live, work and play.
2. The five key features of the Amaravati Master Plan are: i) growing a vibrant economy; ii) creating a livable Indian city; iii) enhancing connectivity and active mobility; iv) ensuring sustainability; and v) the People’s Capital.
3. The delivery of the Amaravati Master plan marks the second milestone in the three-stage plan of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between International Enterprise Singapore and the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh. The first stage, the Capital Region Plan, was completed and handed over to the Andhra Pradesh government on 30 March 2015. The mission was to develop an Integrated Solid Waste Management Master Plan
 Today, the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) and the Swachh Andhra Corporation (SAC) also signed an agreement to jointly develop a framework for an integrated solid waste management master plan for Andhra Pradesh. As part of the project, SCE will work with Singapore’s Centre of Liveable Cities to deliver the framework and organize two advisory workshops in consultation with key officials from the Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department and Commissioners of selected Urban Local Bodies in Andhra Pradesh. The project is expected to be completed in three months.
AP2 Master Plan For Amaravati Out - First Look
Details of the Amaravati Master Plan
The Amaravati Master Plan includes the following features: Growing a vibrant economy: Besides being the seat of power, Amravathi will be a commercial hub for existing regional industries such as agri-businesses and logistics, and catalyze new ones such as Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) and pharmaceuticals.
The plan has designated a Central Business District, commercial zones in town centers, as well as industrial parks. In addition, it supports job creation in residential neighborhoods so that people can work near their homes.
AP3 Master Plan For Amaravati Out - First Look
Creating a liveable Indian city
To ensure a quality living environment, the plan has a laid out infrastructure for delivering reliable supplies of electricity and water, while managing solid waste and sewerage, thereby ensuring a quality living environment.
Enhancing connectivity and active mobility
The Amaravati region has good road and rail links to all parts of the state. The master plan will enhance the connectivity of the capital with a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that can eventually be upgraded to Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. While designed with an efficient road network, the Amaravati master plan will also promote the use of public transport and minimize the need for long commutes.
AP7 Master Plan For Amaravati Out - First Look
Non Motorized Transport Choices
Amaravati residents will also have non-motorized transport choices using an extensive network of walkways, cycle tracks and local waterways. This approach promotes active mobility within the city while protecting its environment through reductions in carbon emissions and other pollutants.
Ensuring sustainability
Recognizing the unique value of Amaravati’s location beside the Krishna River, the master plan preserves much of the existing greenery and waterways, while introducing new parks, gardens and recreational facilities such as a cricket stadium. Amaravati will possess a distinctive river front with lush open spaces for its citizens to enjoy.
Innovative approaches are envisaged to turn the reservoirs, storm water detention ponds and canals into locales for public enjoyment even as they perform the critical functions of storing water and controlling flooding.
AP6 Master Plan For Amaravati Out - First Look
The People’s Capital
Amaravati will be built on land pooled from the contributions of the villagers in the region. In return they will receive plots of commercial and residential land in the city and share in the fruits of development for years to come. Consistent with Andhra Pradesh’s leaders’ vision of a People’s Capital, the master plan also provides for affordable housing, easy access to amenities such as schools, healthcare services, markets, and shopping malls, libraries and a university.
The master plan respects the sense of local identity and enhances appreciation for local heritage. It protects the existing religious and heritage sites and connects them to the network of MRT / BRT and roads to form tourism circuits.



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