Mana Matti Mana Neeru – CM Collects Soil and Water For Foundation Ceremony

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“Along with Dasara, I call upon everybody to celebrate this second festival called Amaravati foundation ceremony, which can be observed once in a lifetime” – Sri N Chandrababu Naidu

Calling on his men of Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister Mr Naidu collected soil and water from his native village to embark on the ‘Mana Matti – Mana Amaravati’ program. This event precedes the oncoming prestigious event of capital foundation ceremony, which will rewrite history for the state.

The event commenced on Tuesday at Naravaripalle, the native village of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu .

Hundreds of people gathered to witness the proceedings that began with a sacred Homam by the CM. This was followed with the collection of Putta Mannu (Ant hill) and water. The event was surreal, with people from all walks of life attending.

Mr. Naidu later spoke to the media later and said that these celebrations associated with the foundation ceremony that should begin with the ‘Mana Matti – Mana Neeru – Mana Amaravati’ program, which will comprise of soil and water collection from 16,000 villages in the State.

“Bifurcation has left us with almost nothing, and the onus of developing a new State lies with us. We want to involve everybody in the construction of Amaravati. This exercise will not only showcase the emotions of people but also bind them together, irrespective of caste, creed and religion,” he added, while speaking to the media.

The Chief Minister also said that this soil and water will be used to construct a monument, spread over 20-30 acres in Amaravati.

The government will also collect 16,000 Sankalpa Patrams (letters) to portray the will and determination of people towards the building of a new State right from the scratch. Other proposed events include programs like Amaravati Sankalpa Jyothi, a torch rally and the routine 5K and 10K run.



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