Mana Amaravati Mana Rajadhani – A Beautiful Video On The City of God!!

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This ¬†specially made video on Amaravati will steal your heart and fill you with emotions. Mana Amaravati Mana Rajadhani, an exclusive video made by a Vijayawada based foundation called Young Indians in collaboration with the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada speaks about the glorious history of Amaravati as Andhra’s most ancient capital city.

Amaravati has risen one more time, to serve the state as its capital city. A reprisal of a historic landmark that saw various dynasties of Andhra rule and prosper. Perhaps its a poetic fate that Amaravati will return one more time to recreate a brilliant period ahead for the state. A must watch video. Do not miss it!!

Watch Mana Amaravati Mana Rajadhani Video Here



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