“Make Andhra Pradesh Pothole Free During The Rainy Season” – CM

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Interacting with SEs of all districts, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said that the state should have pothole-free roads even in Rainy season. “The department has to become more responsive to people’s complaints and take steps immediately to repair all bad roads in the state. You cannot neglect people’s complaints. You have to respond immediately,” he said, at a review meeting held today in Vijayawada.

Monitoring the quality of roads should be a priority, he said, adding that the department should establish a Research Wing to study the best technologies and practices in the world and implement them. “If faulty road contractors are found, blacklist them,” he said, emphasising on the need for quality control.

The department also should take the historical data and analyse the wear & tear conditions of the road, the Chief Minister said, adding that the department should be able to predict when to re-lay the roads based on their analysis of soil condition, rains and traffic.

“My aim is to have world-class roads in Andhra Pradesh. Every village should be connected with BT road and every village should have cement roads in the state,” he added.

Explore various models of projects, he said, continuing that they should also set up surveillance cameras on roads for road safety and for continuous monitoring. “Explore how to pool in resources and leverage them scrupulously. Make a difference in the state,” he said.



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