Maharasthra Follows AP’s Land Pooling Model for Super Expressway

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AP’s Land Pooling Method was initially subject to heavy criticism. However, farmers have actively contributed their land to the development with the arrangement that had worked for both sides. Regardless of the floating theories surrounding the land pooling system, farmers and land owners in AP have actively come forward to become a part of land pooling method.

Now, the state’s innovative land pooling method seems to have cast its effect on the neighbouring Maharasthra. The CM of Maharashtra state, Devendra Fadnavis has now approved a land pool model similar to AP towards building a super expressway between Nagpur and Mumbai. In this arrangement, the state govt will give around 25 to 30 percent of developed land to the farmers, making a lucrative option come true for both sides.

To this effect, the Maharasthra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) had been extensively studying AP’s land pooling method for building the new capital city, Amaravati. While the AP state govt is offering 30 percent developed land to its farmers in exchange for acquiring 34,000 acres, Maharasthra will offer developed land to the farmers in the 24 nodes or new cities that will come up along the proposed super expressway.

The total estimated cost of this project is Rs 30,000 cr and will be called as Communication Super Expressway. The state of Maharasthra has bigger plans ahead with the expressway, such as educational hubs. IT parks, industrial parks with CCTVs and free WiFi zones.



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