“Let’s Plant 20 Cr Saplings” – CM

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On the occasion of World Environment Day yesterday (05 June 2016), Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said that the government plans to plant 20 crore saplings, where each individual will plant 10 and nurture them as their own.

Planting saplings and restoring greenery has been one of the prime agendas of the AP State Govt, ever since. After the devastating effect left by Cyclone Hudhud, the government has been actively looking at planting as many saplings as possible along the state coastline to protect and guard the vulnerable zone against cyclones and floods.

The citizens of Andhra are also showing active interest, and have been very proactive while taking part in the momentum so far. The CM hopes to see the same pace ongoing for planting the target of 20 crore saplings.

To this effect, AP government will also ‘geotag’ every sapling and monitor its growth. He took part in celebrations and encouraged every person to make this a campaign.

Pictures from the event:

saplings "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM

sapling1 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling3 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling4 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling5 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling6 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling7 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM sapling8 "Let's Plant 20 Cr Saplings" - CM



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