Kuchipudi Village To Turn Into World’s Biggest NatyaPushkarini

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Bringing on a new development in the scene of Andhra’s restoration of its ancient culture and heritage, plans are now steady to launch the great Natyadhamam  in the heart of Kuchipudi Village of Kriishna District.

Some of the vital features of the Kuchipudi village include a museum with a huge multi touch wall, a large 3D theater and a special app that will provide all the information while walking down the lanes exploring the village.

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This apart, a special musical fountain which will dance to the tune of Kuchipudi Yakshaganas will be placed. Other important features like world class hostels to accommodate students from different parts of the world, staying arrangements for the patrons and the dance enthusiasts, exclusive gift shops selling souvenirs and stores selling the best of Kuchipudi costumes and ornaments that are worn by the dancers – are being planned to be established inside the village.

‘Vedantam Vari Cheruvu’ in Kuchipudi village would soon be beautified as shown in these concept designs under the auspices of Kuchipudi Natyaramam (Government of Andhra Pradesh). It would be the largest (about 3 acres) ‘Natya PushkariNi’ in the world. Envision world class musical fountains which will ‘dance’ to the ‘Kuchipudi Jathulu’. One more step towards making Kuchipudi village as an international cultural heritage village.

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Chairman of Kuchipudi Natyaramam or Dance Academy, Mr Kuchibotla Anand has some great ideas in mind to popularize the most ancient dance form originating from Andhra and showcase it to the world at its best. This will practically turn the Kuchipudi village in Krishna District into a landmark international heritage site, putting Andhra Pradesh on the global cultural map.

Mr Anand shared his experience walking around a museum with 120 feet long touch screen wall in US. The museum proposed to build at Kuchipudi will have photographs of not just the artistes, but also the costumes and ornaments they wore for their famous performances and many other articles that will generate public interest. The immediate task is to digitize the works and lives of the great Kuchipudi exponents.

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The advantages of the village will primarily include educating and training children interested in Kuchipudi dance form. The government of Andhra Pradesh also plans to introduce a course in Kuchipudi dance. Comparing the famous ritual that is performed in Basara called Aksharabhayasam, he said that there is a similar ritual for children learning dance called Natyabhyasam and in case of Kuchipudi, also known as Gajjapuja.

The new children making a debut with learning the dance will be brought to the Gajjapuja while for the older kids, it would be called as Rangapravesam.

There are also plans to have annual field trips to Kuchipudi.

The well known Vedanthamvari Cheruvu (lake) will now transform into a sacred Pushkarini with a musical fountain.




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