Krishna and Penna Rivers Next For Integration, Hints Agriculture Minister

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All eyes and ears were on Agriculture Minister Prathippati Pulla Rao, particularly after he had dropped significant hints about the plans of AP Govt to target Krishna and Penna rivers for integration soon.

After the interlinking of the Godavari and Krishna rivers, there is little doubt that government has set its sights on the integration of the Krishna and Penna river systems in order to help majority of farmers in Nellore and the nearby regions.

Agriculture Minister Rao hinted that efforts that would be made now to bring Krishna waters from the Srisailam reservoir to the Somasila dam from where it would be carried to various irrigation sources.

The minister spoke on the occasion of Rythukosam Chandranna Yatra that was conducted in Nellore yesterday. The Roads and Buildings Minister Sidda Raghava Rao and I&PR Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy, also took part in the event. A meeting was held with a large gathering of farmers held at the Police Parade Grounds on the occasion. Farmers also exhibited their latest farm implements and machines.

Mr. Pulla Rao affirmed that the interlinking of rivers would be of huge use in times of deficit rainfall. “This year, not even half the total acreage was brought under cultivation in Nellore district. It is because of lack of sufficient rain. This will be solved through river integration,” he added.




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