Kalamkari To Get A New Global Footing

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Andhra’s Kalamkari art is already very popular worldwide. Now, the globally loved art form will get another brand new footing in an international arena.

Extremely smitten with the Kalamkari art,  a French couple are now actively curating several Kalamkari and related handloom products made in Krishna district to introduce them to an international arena of textiles. Andre Mage and Catherine Baillaud are relentlessly on the job with a mission to make Kalamkari get on the top of the global list.

The couple are presently planning to introduce two styles of Kalamkari art practised in Pedana and Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh through their trust, HELP-India.

Apart from traditional Kalamkari products, products made with natural colour-dyed yarn in Pedana will be displayed at a six-month-long exhibition in Wesserling Textile Museum in Alsace, France next year, according to Ms. Baillaud.

For this, the Wesserling Textile Museum is collaborating with the couple to promote and display Indian art, majorly including Kalamkari and handloom products.

The exhibition will also put forth to the world the Kalamkari manufacturing process through expert demonstrations of spinning, weaving, dyeing, engraving and printing.

The museum, that was opened in 1996, receives visitors from across the Europe.

Mr. Mage and Ms. Baillaud recently documented colour processing and dyeing of cotton fabric with natural colours and other technical processes involved in the production of hand-block Kalamkari style.

“The textile museum of Wesserling is engaged in reviving textile art forms from the late 18th to early 19th century. Kalmakari deserves to be introduced to the world of textiles,” Ms. Baillaud said while speaking to the media.



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