Heavy Rains – Boon for AP, Bane for Telangana

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Heavy rains are busy flooding the two states, and people have been trying to adjust to the manifestation of the depression. The rains have interestingly cast two completely different impacts on AP and Telangana.

While parts like Rayalaseema have been well nourished with the heavy downpour to the delight of the farmers, the same has caused massive trouble for areas like Hyderabad in Telangana. AP has been badly wanting such a spell to improve the agricultural situation. The heavy rain in the last 48 hours has done complete justice to that. Vast expanses across Kurnool, Kadapa and others parts of Rayalaseema have been instantly fostered with the required water.

On the other hand, Telangana seems to be battling with the water overdrive. Hussain Sagar has dangerously reached levels that need immediate contingency plan and GHMC is busy working on the same. The routine of many citizens has been badly affected in Hyderabad, with employees and children forced to take off from their offices and schools. Also, as many as 7 were killed due to heavy rains.

As of now, the low pressure area in Bay of Bengal has given good showers to both coastal and seema regions. Areas such as Machilipatnam have received almost 59 mm of rains in the last 21 hours. The state is expected to receive good monsoon rains in the next 24 hours as well, as the low pressure area moves inland the coast of AP.



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